BAKHIR Vitold Mikhailovich was born in 1949 in the town of Budyonnovsk in Stavropol region. After graduation from Grozny Oil Institute in 1971 he was qualified as a Mining Engineer. In the same year, he began working for the industrial association “Uzbekgasprom” at the oil and gas fields of South-West Uzbekistan. From 1972 to 1985, he was employed by the Central Asian Research Institute of Natural Gas (SredAzNIIGas of the USSR Mingasprom in Tashkent) as senior engineer, team head, head of electrotechnology laboratory (LET). Between 1985 and 1987, V.M. Bakhir was in charge of a project on electrochemical systems and technologies at NPO VOSTOK of the USSR Defense Ministry (Tashkent). In 1985 he defended his Candidate’s thesis at Kazan Institute of Chemical Technologies in specialty 02.00.05. “Electrochemistry. Technical sciences”. The Academic Council emphasized that V.M. Bakhir’s research cleared the way for a new line of engineering investigation in applied electrochemistry. In 1987 he went to work at All-Union Scientific and Research Institute for Medical Engineering (VNIIIMT of the USSR Health Ministry) in Moscow as Head of Electrochemical Medical Equipment department. In 1993 V.M. Bakhir was elected a member of Russian Academy of Medical and Technical Sciences. In 1996 he defended his Doctor’s thesis, and in 1997 he was awarded Professor academic status. From 1998 till 2011 V.M. Bakhir was Vice General Director of ОАО NPO EKRAN with annexed VNIIIMT MZ RF and headed the Electrochemical Medical Equipment department. V.M. Bakhir is the author of more than 400 inventions protected by USSR Certificates of Authorship, patents of Russia, Great Britain, the USA, Canada, Japan and other countries in the new field of research engineering he had developed – electrochemical activation. V.M. Bakhir published over 500 papers on electrochemical treatment of liquids (reports, monographs, manuals, research engineering reviews, technological regulations and instructions, technical conditions, methodical instructions). The first publications date back to 1973.

Activity profile. Formulating and experimental researching of new ideas in engineering and technology, offering recommendations on practical implementation of new electrochemical systems and technologies.

Awards and Titles Awarded

Principal findings:

1972 – 1973. Discovery of inequivalence of chemical and electrochemical unipolar actions on liquids, development of first devices for electrochemical treatment of drilling fluids.

1973 – 1977. Offering definite proof of practical (oil and gas borehole drilling) economic and ecological advisability of applying metastable substances instead of routinely used chemicals.

1978 – 1979. Detection of anomalous changes in redox potential (ORP) values due to unipolar electrochemical treatment of water. Finding the pattern of ORP relaxation after the end of electrochemical exposure.

1978 – 1985. In cooperation with researchers and experts at facilities in various industries, the possibility and high effectiveness of employing electrochemically activated water and solutions was experimentally studied in many technological processes including petrochemistry, food and defense industries.

1985. Formal recognition by the USSR Higher Attestation Commission of the electrochemical activation technology as a new field of research engineering.

1985 – 1987. Development of electrochemical reactors in the form of multi-cellular mono-bloc units together with Yu.G. Zadorozhny, starting commercial manufacture of technical electrochemical systems on their basis capable of producing electrochemically activated deionized water. Setting up zero-discharge galvanic production.

1988 – 1995. Development of flow-through electrochemical modular reactors together with Yu.G. Zadorozhny,  - FEM-1, FEM-2, FEM-3 cells - for electrochemical activation of water and diluted aqueous solutions, and commercial manufacturing of both the reactors and technical electrochemical systems on their basis (STEL and EMERALD devices).

1987 – 1996. Development of noncontact electrochemical activation technology.

1996 - 2000. Development of technology using diaphragm ion-selective electrolysis – a new technological process of sodium chloride solution electrolysis.

1996 – 2001. Development of FEM-7 modules together with Yu.G. Zadorozhny for diaphragm ion-selective electrolysis, commercial manufacturing of FEM-7 modules and AQUACHLOR devices.

2006. Development of the technology of producing useful products from seawater: sulfuric and hydrochloric acid, solution of hydroxides of alkali metals and insoluble precipitate of heavy metals.

2008. Development of the technology and original electrochemical synthesis systems for production of peracetic acid from solutions of carbonate or bicarbonate of sodium or potassium.

2010. Development of new type multi-electrode electrochemical reactors for industrial production of chlorine, caustic soda, persulfuric acid, hydrogen and oxygen.

2011. Development and realization as a pilot and experimental-industrial production of ecologically clean technology of leaching of precious, rare and nonferrous metals from ore, slag and dumps of rocks on the basis of electrochemically activated hydrochloric acid solution, followed by regeneration of free chlorine in hydrochloric acid.

2014. Development of the technology for synthesis of hypochlorous acid with concentration of more than 300 g/l for later use in the technology of production of ethylene glycol via ethylene chlorohydrin.